But if you must read about me here goes...
Quirky, abstract, experimental. Idealistic perhaps, traditionalist I am not. I enjoy the process in expressing my ideas via various media. It has been an exhilarating adventure through crafts, 2D / 3D graphics, web designing, videography, photography, music creations and recently enabling A.I. / Machine Learning to explore the playgrounds of my mind.
I create to find meaning, that sounds pretentious or cliche but truly it is through experimentation of creative media that I picked up from various cultures and other artists/artisans that I am super grateful to have the chance to observe and learn from; allowing me to find new meanings to my life and inspires me to expand my personal boundaries and ideologies. 
"Every moment is a discovery and learning experience, relish every opportunity to create works that juxtapose and highlight unexplored relationships."

Being a creative experimentalist, there are no fixed process that I go about creating, it might start with an idea, a sketch, an aural or visual recording; capturing that fickle idea that I might develop or revisit to find new meanings to work on. 
Often than not, my "finished product" is a work-in-progress, as it can never be done. Life is transcendent and so is creation. As I believe there are always ways to remix, refresh, and renew an idea or work into something else wonderful or unexpected.

For my professional resume / C.V.  please access it here: https://sg.linkedin.com/in/teelip 

One more thing ...
I have started a personal blog dedicated to my own healthier food creations and also to track my health and fitness progress. I had lost 20 kg in 160 days ever since changing drastically my lifestyle, diet and started exercising since Jan 2019 to become much fitter, so if you are keen in my healthful journey, check it out at: https://teelip.wordpress.com​​​​​​​
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