I believe every moment is a discovery and learning experience. I relish every opportunities to create and produce interesting still and moving images that create a juxtaposition to highlight certain relationships.
I started photography only in recent years and enjoyed exploring various styles. Arts has always been my hobby since young, dabbling with painting, sketching, craft-work and the digital media. Whereas photography is a means for me to find a balance presenting both truth and fiction; Conveying the captured moment of the vision in my mind's eyes to the viewer is exhilarating and actually cathartic too. 
I began with mobile photography back in 2010 when I had my first iPhone, DSLR in 2012 and now I shoot with a mirrorless in 2015. I was a polytechnic lecturer for 8 years enlightening minds with web design, new media and video production lessons. Currently a technical executive dealing with media related work and a trainer in basic video productions.
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